Party Time
Original-Titel: Bad Move
Ende: 03:50
Laufzeit: 25 Minuten
Comedyserie, GB 2017
Regie: Martin Dennis
Staffel: 1 / Folge: 6
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03:25 Bad Move

30. Mai | BBC Entertainment | 03:25 - 03:50 | Comedyserie
BBC Entertainment

Steve (Jack Dee) and Nicky (Kerry Godliman) decide to move from Leeds to the countryside of Yorkshire, where they want to live a perfect, simple life away from the rat race. Soon they find out that the reality is more than disappointing. The house is in a bad condition, the internet doesn't reach, they miss many amenities of every day life. And the neighbours can be really annoying.


SteveJack Dee
NickyKerry Godliman
MattMiles Jupp
MeenaManjinder Virk
SilasAaryan Basu
PippsIsvari Ghai