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Original-Titel: Last of the Summer Wine
Ende: 08:30
Laufzeit: 30 Minuten
Sitcom, GB 2006
Regie: Alan J.W. Bell
Staffel: 27 / Folge: 4
FSK: 12
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08:00 Last of the Summer Wine

30. Mai | BBC Entertainment | 08:00 - 08:30 | Sitcom
BBC Entertainment

Pearl and Nelly follow Howard when he rides off on his bicycle. PC's Cooper & Walsh buy an in-car deep fat fryer; Howard gets depressed and decides to leave and live in the wilderness; The whole village united for a wedding. Howard and Pearl look back on their stormy relationship, Toby tries to win back his girlfriend, and Clegg worries he may have forgotten something important.


CleggPeter Sallis
TrulyFrank Thornton
BillyKeith Clifford
AlvinBrian Murphy
HowardRobert Fyfe
PearlJuliette Kaplan

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