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Original-Titel: Craig of the Creek
Ende: 16:50
Laufzeit: 10 Minuten
Animationsserie, USA 2018
Regie: Stu Livingston
Staffel: 1 / Folge: 29
FSK: 6
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16:40 Craig of the Creek

Heute | Cartoon Network | 16:40 - 16:50 | Animationsserie
Cartoon Network

Craig of the Creek is a British/American animated television series that follows a boy named Craig Williams and his two friends, Kelsey Bern and John Paul "J.P." Mercer from the fictional suburban town of Herkleston. The kids like to spend their time at the creek, their place where adult rules do not work and life complies with the laws of game. Every new day brings new bright adventures and new lessons making kids' childhood an unforgettable time. Their imagination never let them sit still and the friends are always ready to help- whether to find a lost book, or to take care of animals, or to catch a mysterious somebody eating fruit in the orchard.

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