Original-Titel: Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart
Ende: 14:20
Laufzeit: 10 Minuten
Zeichentrickserie, USA 2019
Staffel: 1 / Folge: 9
StereoDolbyBreitbildformat 16:9
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14:10 Mao Mao Heroes of Pure Heart

28. Juli | Cartoon Network | 14:10 - 14:20 | Zeichentrickserie
Cartoon Network

Sheriff Mao Mao is a brave and fearless cat who comes from a long line of heroes. He has an appetite for adventure and one big ego. Mao Mao has become stuck in Pure Heart Valley along with his best friend/faithful sidekick Badgerclops; a badger with a robotic arm and an eyepatch. Pure Heart Valley is a place where everything is pretty, sweet and cute. Although the valley may look cuddly Mao Mao and Badgerclops must still protect the area and its residents from the danger of evil villains such as Orangusnake (a half-orangutan/half snake pirate captain). Mao Mao and Badgerclops are helped in their efforts by Adorobat; an adorable, adventure-seeking five-year-old bat who dreams of being a hero.


RufusJulian Barratt
ReggieRich Fulcher
BadgerclopsGriffith Kimmins
AdorabatLika Leong
Mao MaoParker Simmons

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