Original-Titel: Unforgotten
Ende: 23:55
Laufzeit: 45 Minuten
Krimiserie, GB 2017
Regie: Andy Wilson
Staffel: 2 / Folge: 6
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23:10 Unforgotten

28. Juli | BBC Entertainment | 23:10 - 23:55 | Krimiserie
BBC Entertainment

A cop show which gets a lot of things right. The leads are convincing and realistic, the plots are complex but not too complicated, the procedural elements are spot on and the basic humanity of the victims, their families and the other characters is compelling. Nicola Walker plays DCI Cassie Stuart and she is partnered with DS Sunil "Sunny" Khan (Sanjeev Bhaskar) as they are tasked with investigating crimes from the past.


YousefAlan Asaad
MustafaYusuf Hofri
Amir Mime

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