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Original-Titel: The Teen Titans Go! Show
Ende: 23:25
Laufzeit: 5 Minuten
Zeichentrickserie, USA 2017
Regie: Luke Cormican, Peter Rida Michael
Staffel: 4 / Folge: 22
Breitbildformat 16:9
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23:20 Teen Titans Go!

Heute | Cartoon Network | 23:20 - 23:25 | Zeichentrickserie
Cartoon Network

Teen Titans Go! is telling us about unbelievable adventures of young teenage superheroes living in Jump City. Their leader is Robin, a teen of active habits without any special abilities, he is in love with Starfire. Starfire is an alien from the planet Tamaran, she is optimistic and does not seem to reciprocate Robin's feelings. Beast Boy has green skin and can turn into any kind of animal. He is in love with Raven, who is half-demon and the most mysterious member of their team. Cyborg is half robot and best friend of Beast Boy, they have so much in common.


Scott Menville
Khary Payton
Tara Strong
Sean Astin

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