Snake Pit
Original-Titel: Angelo la débrouille
Ende: 22:25
Laufzeit: 15 Minuten
Animationsserie, CDN, F, GB 2018
Staffel: 4 / Folge: 40
FSK: 6
Breitbildformat 16:9
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22:10 Angelo Am Byth

27. September | Cartoon Network | 22:10 - 22:25 | Animationsserie
Cartoon Network

The lead character is Angelo, a smart 11-year-old boy with an outstanding talent of getting into trouble and getting out of the mess- his plans of action are anything but ordinary. His naughtiness sometimes goes beyond all limits, but he is not scared of punishment. As soon as one story is done, he immediately starts a new page. He is not alone in his adventures, with the help of his friends Sherwood and Lola Angelo always is up to mischief. People around them have no hard feelings as their life is much more adventurous thanks to Angelo and his friends.

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