The Silent King
Original-Titel: Adventure Time
Ende: 01:05
Laufzeit: 10 Minuten
Zeichentrickserie, USA 2011
Regie: Bong Hee Han, Larry Leichliter
Staffel: 2 / Folge: 14
Breitbildformat 16:9
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00:55 Adventure Time with Finn & Jake

27. September | Cartoon Network | 00:55 - 01:05 | Zeichentrickserie
Cartoon Network

Adventure Time is an American fantasy animated television series that shows a 12-year-old boy Finn and his best friend, a wise 28-year-old (in dog years) dog Jake with magical powers living in Lands of Ooo in post-apocalyptic world. They lean on each other during good and bad times, trust each another with secrets and look to each other for advice. Finn likes to travel and save princesses from evil monsters in Lands of Ooo. Jake is more than his friend, he is his mentor, and his extraordinary skills help the boy to fight evil. Finn and Jake hang out with Princess Bubblegum, the sovereign of the Candy Kingdom, the fearsome Ice King, an ice wizard, Marceline the Vampire Queen, a 1000-year-old vampire and rock musician and many more.


Finn/Cyclops/Guy #2Jeremy Shada
John DiMaggio
Ice KingTom Kenny
Marceline the Vampire QueenOlivia Olson
Baby Skeleton/Rock Golem/HorseDee Bradley Baker
Jake/Big Guy/Crossbow GuyJohn diMaggio

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