The Christening
Original-Titel: Keeping Up Appearances
Ende: 10:15
Laufzeit: 30 Minuten
Sitcom, GB 1990
Regie: Harold Snoad
Staffel: 1 / Folge: 6
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09:45 Keeping Up Appearances

26. September | BBC Entertainment | 09:45 - 10:15 | Sitcom
BBC Entertainment

The story revolves around Hyacinth Bucket, a housewife from a lower class whose only aim in life is to impress others with her etiquette and social skills and climb the social ladder. She is terrified that her background will be revealed one day, and goes above and beyond to hide it. All her attempts as a rule lead to awkward comic situations, and the truth is revealed.


Hyacinth BucketPatricia Routledge
DaisyJudy Cornwell
Elizabeth WardenJosephine Tewson
OnslowGeoffrey Hughes
RoseShirley Stelfox
Richard BucketClive Swift

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