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21:00 Jazmin’S Touch 08

23. September | Playboy TV | 21:00 - 21:30
Playboy TV

Jazmin remembers Diana’s stay in her house and the start of the journey that would allow her to stop living her life under other people's demands. To achieve that, Jazmin had prepared some playful activities that would allow her to have fun and start enjoying playing, and forget the rules she had imposed on herself. A gym class with Diana, Jazmin’s shadow and Juliette was the chance to see how Jazmin’s house is Paradise. There, Juliette shows everything she’s learned, starring all alone the hottest training ever seen. And Diana starts experiencing what’s in there for her â€" the class was an excuse to shape her already perfect body and to have fun with Jazmin’s less and less threatening groupie, in an encounter that proves to be hotter than any workout.

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