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Laufzeit: 25 Minuten
Animationsserie, J, USA, KR 2017
Staffel: 4 / Folge: 3
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05:35 Transformers: Robots in Disguise

23. Januar | Cartoon Network | 05:35 - 06:00 | Animationsserie
Cartoon Network

Grimlock begs to learn new fighting methods from reluctant "teacher" Drift but Grimlock's initial attempts to put Drift's lessons into action fall comically flat. Determined to become a great student, Grimlock travels with the Autobots to the Antarctic to battle the Decepticon Crustacion -­- unfrozen from a melting glacier, and threatening a human research station. The Autobots chase Crustacion through ice tunnels, as the Decepticon attempts to locate his lost stash of stolen Shanix coins. The final battle brings us under the frozen sea, where Grimlock faces the larger foe one on one, and must put Drift's lessons to use with his own personal twist in order to defeat the Decepticon.

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