Original-Titel: Loving Miss Hatto
Ende: 01:00
Laufzeit: 90 Minuten
Drama, GB 2012
Regie: Aisling Walsh
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23:30 Loving Miss Hatto

07. März | BBC Entertainment | 23:30 - 01:00 | Drama
BBC Entertainment

The story of one of Britain's most famous pianists, Joyce Hatto, and her husband William, from their meeting in post-war London to her death in 2006 - after which her recordings were discovered to be one of the biggest hoaxes in classical music history.


William Barrington CoupeAlfred Molina
Young Barrington CoupeRory Kinnear
Joyce HattoFrancesca Annis
Barrie's SecretarySusan Loughnane
Mrs. HattoPhoebe Nicholls
PhilipNed Dennehy