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16:35 Jazmin'S Touch 09

28. März | Playboy TV | 16:35 - 17:06
Playboy TV

Jazmin is walking around her house as she remembers the experience of every guest there. Diana, the last one to arrive, is now in her head. Diana had changed and her stay made her discover that a simple shower is a great chance to give yourself some pleasure and enjoy caressing your own body. But the lonely water game soon became a stimulating bath with the woman following Jazmin... Jazmin also remembers the huge change Juliette underwent in her long stay in the house... and how the former competitive and exhibitionist woman profits from the end of a class to give herself a hot moment on her own. Jazmin is confident about her work, which seems to be over. Her memories of the house fill her with satisfaction. But there are two memories that are likely to be the most valuable -the ceremony in which Charly becomes a Dionysus and the invitations issued by the guests to throw a "graduation" party. Jazmin understands her work with those 4 guests is over. From that moment on, what is next is enjoying the company of those sexy women and say goodbye to them.

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