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09:00 Jazmin'S Touch 04

24. Mai | Playboy TV | 09:00 - 09:26
Playboy TV

Jazmin remembers the arrival of Natasha, her third guest. As usually occurs with her gift, the protagonist was sleeping when a series of hot dreams introduces this voluptuous woman, a plane pilot, that moves in a very demanding, accurate world, and that has become a piece of the machinery in order to succeed, but that really wants to get the lost desire back. Jazmin pays a very special visit, accompanied by her Dyonisus Madoc and her shadow, the mysterious woman that follows her. The images that Natasha sees are so tempting she won't be able to resist those bodies nor the invitation offered by Jazmin When Natasha arrives at the house to stay, an "accidental" meeting with Charly becomes the chance for the pilot to start her treatment and for Charly to start her training as a Dyonisus.

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