Original-Titel: Antiques Roadshow
Ende: 17:55
Laufzeit: 50 Minuten
, GB 2016
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17:05 Antiques Roadshow

19. Oktober | BBC Entertainment | 17:05 - 17:55
BBC Entertainment

Ever wondered what happened next after the experts drop the bombshell valuation on stunned owners? In this special edition, Fiona Bruce looks at the most talked about finds of the year and reveals surprising updates. Art scholars searched for years for a missing work by eminent Victorian artist Alma-Tadema, but after it appeared at the Roadshow we follow the newly-restored painting as it ends up in an international exhibition. We meet the owner of a group of valuable jade figures to see what he did with the proceeds of their sale in tribute to his late wife. There's a twist in the tale for the man who brought the original script for the classic film "The Third Man" to the Roadshow when he's taken on a surprise trip to meet a mysterious man in Vienna. Plus we unveil the locations for 2017 as the show approaches its 40th year on the road.

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