Walnut Grove gegen Sleepy Eye
Original-Titel: Little House on the Prairie
Ende: 17:00
Laufzeit: 50 Minuten
Familiensaga, USA 1975
Regie: William F. Claxton
Staffel: 2 / Folge: 4
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16:10 Unsere kleine Farm

12. Dezember | TNT Serie | 16:10 - 17:00 | Familiensaga
TNT Serie

It's time to play ball in Walnut Grove! After losing badly the previous year, the team knows that they need to find a more reliable pitcher than Nels Oleson, and Mr. Mumford's golden arm seems to be heaven sent as he is immediately placed on the team. Everything is going beautifully until Walnut Grove becomes overly confident of their ability to win it all, and bets are made, prompting Mr. Mumford's no-nonsense wife to forbid letting him play amidst such silly gambling. She is a woman who fiercely holds her ground with this, but Mr. Mumford is a talent that the team cannot afford to lose, so they must pull together to make the betting concept seem more appealing to Mrs. Mumford.


Melissa Gilbert
Michael Landon
Karen Grassle
Mary IngallsMelissa Sue Anderson
Carrie IngallsLindsay Greenbush
Carrie IngallsSidney Greenbush

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