Der Geizhals
Original-Titel: Little House on the Prairie
Ende: 11:15
Laufzeit: 50 Minuten
Familiensaga, USA 1975
Staffel: 2 / Folge: 3
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10:25 Unsere kleine Farm

13. Dezember | TNT Serie | 10:25 - 11:15 | Familiensaga
TNT Serie

When Walnut Grove builds its very first bank, the cold and heartless Mr. Sprague settles in to run it. Charles tries to get on the man's good side right off the bat, but Mr. Sprague has been in the banking business long enough to sniff out these kinds of things, and after refusing to take the bait, he proceeds to turn Charles down flat when he requests an important loan. Meanwhile, Laura forms an unlikely bond with Mr. Sprague at the fishing hole, and against all odds, the two remain blatantly unaware of each other's identity--that is, until fate takes a turn and puts this budding friendship to a harsh test.


Melissa Gilbert
Michael Landon
Karen Grassle
Carrie IngallsSidney Greenbush
Carrie IngallsLindsay Greenbush
Nels OlesonRichard Bull

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