Original-Titel: Only Fools and Horses
Ende: 12:40
Laufzeit: 30 Minuten
, GB 1983
Regie: Ray Butt
Staffel: 3 / Folge: 3
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12:10 Only Fools and Horses

24. Januar | BBC Entertainment | 12:10 - 12:40
BBC Entertainment

Classic British sitcom following the many misadventures of an ambitious market trader and his brother from south-east London as they continuously attempt, and fail, to get rich. From a grubby van masquerading as the office of their unregistered company, they engage in questionable schemes and illegal merchandising all in the hopes of becoming millionaires.


Derek 'Del Boy' TrotterDavid Jason
Rodney TrotterNicholas Lyndhurst
GrandadLennard Pearce
Chief of security / Mad axemanChristopher Malcolm
PolicemanRay Mort
Police SergeantMichael Stainton

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